17th Anniversary - Thank you for being together for 17 years, working together to create a new chapter for win-win results

Seventeen years of spring and autumn, seventeen years of hard work, more than 6,200 sunrises and sunsets, let us gather on this festive day, let us cheer for Huahai's birthday and shout: Happy 17th birthday to Huahai.


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The mold factory of Huahai Plastic Products Co., Ltd. was officially put into production

The new mold factory of Huahai Plastic Products Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation on May 4, 2008. It is mainly engaged in the design and manufacturing of plastic molds.


"Welcome the National Day", "Celebrate the National Day"! Huahai held a wonderful October staff meeting

Singing the loudest national anthem, we can't help but marvel: how fortunate we are to be born under the red flag and grow up in the new China, stepping on mountains and rivers, holding onto a bright future!


Huahai Precision·Youth Passion·Walking with You

The sunshine is warm, not wasting time, moving forward, the future is promising! The one-day team building activity has come to a successful end. The best way is to run in the same direction with a group of like-minded people.


Huahai Hangzhou and Suzhou tour, set sail on the 18th and set sail!

What is more touching than the joy of visiting the beautiful scenery is the close friendship between colleagues, who are as close as one family. Throughout the journey, everyone laughed and cared for each other, and never influenced the team by personal factors. Through this trip, we deepened our understanding among colleagues and brought us closer together. This was a very meaningful trip.


19th Anniversary—Nineteen Years of Storms, Building the Future Together

Today, we have gone through a 19 year journey in the face of wind and rain, sunshine, scorching heat, and severe cold, witnessing the rise and development of Huahai together. On this passionate day, let's leave a magnificent mark together on this joyous occasion.


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