"Welcome the National Day", "Celebrate the National Day"! Huahai held a wonderful October staff meeting

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"With blue sky, white clouds and bright sunshine, Huahai held its October staff meeting. Everyone gathered together to show off the splendor of "Huahai people", and the scene was full of passion and excitement."

Huahai Precision

01—Raise the national flag, raise the factory flag

Vigorous and high-spirited, look! Huahai’s national flag team is here...

Singing the most resonant national anthem, we can't help but sigh: How lucky we are to be born under the red flag, grow up in New China, step on the mountains and rivers, and hold a bright future in our hands!

02—Team morale display

The momentum on the stage must not be lost. With the loud slogan of "one two one, one two one", they appeared on the stage!

Go, go, go, my Great Wall!

Go, go, go, the motherland will be strong and prosperous!

Come on, let’s work together to realize our Chinese dream!

The entire event unfolded in a vibrant and enthusiastic atmosphere. The members of each participating team lined up in a neat and orderly formation, shouting their own declarations and flaunting their style in high spirits and high spirits.

Huahai Precision

Huahai Precision

Huahai Precision

Huahai Precision

Huahai Precision

03—Excellent employees

We firmly believe that hard work can promote personal growth!

We firmly believe that hard work can promote the development of Huahai!

We firmly believe that hard work can accelerate social progress!

Our goal is to be excellent employees of excellent companies!

Because I am excellent, I am proud, come on, come on, come on! ! !

Huahai Precision


In the end, the quality department won the first place in this event with its full enthusiasm, high morale, united style and fighting spirit. We hope that all departments will take this as an example, bear in mind our values ​​​​(persistence, innovation, passion, win-win) and invest in future work, come on!

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