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The sun is shining brightly, let’s live up to the time, keep moving forward, and have a promising future!

The one-day team-building activity ended successfully. The best way is to run in the same direction with a group of like-minded people.

Let us count the joys of the day:


Youthful passion, exciting life - badminton match of "Huahai people"

A group photo before starting is definitely indispensable....

Huahai Precision

Huahai Precision

What do you think a badminton match is like?

Women's singles? Women's doubles? Men's singles? Men's doubles? Mixed doubles?

NO NO NO, we don’t just fight like this...

Huahai Precision

A. What, can you still play ball with your hands tied?

Of course you can, let’s see how the elites of Huahai “hit the target” with just one shot!

Huahai Precision

B. There are three dozen white-bone spirits in ancient Journey to the West, and there are three dozen badminton props in Huahai today.

Huahai Precision

Are you ready? let's go...

C. After reading the above, do you think we only know amateur fun games? Then you are wrong again, let’s form a professional team - "Mixed Doubles"!

Huahai Precision

Here comes the most important part...


The gentle autumn breeze makes barbecue fun

After exercise, it’s time to enjoy delicious food....

First, let’s invite our barbecue master!

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